Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It Was Me Against the Baby and I Won

Alternate post title: Crisis Call #2 For The Day - Surprisingly I Did Not Make It

The "Help I Need You" door swings both ways! My mom called me tonight to tell me that the rent's washing machine blew up mid-load (that's what she said) and they need some assistance with the pile of soapy clothes they now have on their hands. The choices for backup laundry facilities were between:

Me - Sad and lonely without Matty at home, could use some company, lives close to mom and dad, owes mom for emergency trip to the house this morning, owes dad for 7 billion phone calls in the last ten months, used parent's laundry room for four years after moving out, never paid for detergent, attributed to the ultimate demise of the washing machine


Cat - Keeper of their grandchild

Surprisingly, they picked me. I think it's out of sheer pity, cause that baby is cute. Even after what adds up to 24 years of laundry service on their dime, my mom still offered to buy me dinner and bring over her own Tide so she didn't use up mine.

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C said...

OMG...I'm laughing so hard I think I blew a stitch.