Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend Recap - Not a Whole Lot to Tell

How was everyone's weekend? For me, Saturday was punctuated with small moments of domestic accomplishment. Sunday was spent in bed. Not all day, but a good 80% of it.

On Saturday I went downtown and picked up our poor ottoman that we ordered about three months ago. It was supposed to be a set when we bought the orange chair but they were out of stock. I grabbed the ottoman, went to the hardware store, maybe went and bought myself something purdy to wear to the gay bar that night, then went home and started my January to-do list. I fixed a missing piece of down spout (Note to self: Check the pile of junk in the garage next time before going to the hardware store. You probably already have what you're looking for.) and patched a crap ton of nail holes in the living room. Unfortunately, I didn't get around to painting over the patches. The can of paint was frozen from sitting in the garage, so I was going to paint on Sunday. But instead I just sat in bed all day watching movies and reading magazines.

I watched Music and Lyrics and Because I Said So yesterday. Music and Lyrics is an alright movie. It's nothing special but Drew Barrymore is adorable so I will forgive the movie for being predictable. Because I Said So though had no redeeming qualities. None. Not even for a minute. The dialog sucked, the characters didn't make any sense, the boyfriends were tools, that hot old guy from 7th Heaven was boring. Poor, poor Diane Keaton was a complete joke in that movie. What was she thinking? I wanted to turn it off and watch Something's Got to Give to wash my brain of the memory. I couldn't even watch the whole thing. I only made it through 45 minutes. It made it's way onto my "Worst Movies Ever" list. It's in good company with Across the Universe and Norbit.

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For some reason I was laughing through this whole're funny.