Monday, January 19, 2009

Water. Movie. Cook.

I had really good intentions of being productive yesterday. A little water main break altered my plans slightly... There were some weird sounds coming from the plumbing when I woke up. I of course called my dad. (Crisis call number two this month. Number one was because of weird sounds coming from the heater.) This is what I learned from my dad yesterday:

There was air in my pipes. This happens when the water source is cut off either from within the house, or outside of it. Since I definitely didn't turn my water off, the water company must have shut off service to the house from somewhere outside. (i.e., it's not my problem to fix.) I went around the house and turned the faucets on one at a time to flush out the air. Problem solved.

I went to the grocery store and came home to find that MUD had torn a giant hole in the ground at the bottom of my street and there was no water at all. Soooo... the cooking extravaganza I had planned was put on hold. It's hard to boil potatoes and I don't know, wash your hands, without water. I occupied myself instead by watching The Matrix. I love that movie, but the special effects definitely have not withstood the test of time. I remember that it was mind blowing to see it for the first time ten years ago!

Now I feel old...

The water did come back and I got to cookin. Oh, how I cooked. I made a bunch of meals to take to my sis. She's busy keeping a teeny tiny human fed and happy and probably doesn't have time to shower, let alone cook. I made spaghetti with meatballs, a giant pot of chili and some freaking awesome cheesy mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes aren't technically a meal, but what evs. They're tasty. It was a lot of work, but it was also a huge time saver for the rest of the week. I froze small portions of everything for my dinners this week, and then froze the large portions to take to her and her hubs.

My new plan is to cook a bunch of freezable meals on the weekend so Matt and I have no excuse to eat out during the week when we're tired and lazy.

I also saw on another lady's blog that her and her friends will cook seven of the same meal, like lasagna, and then get together one day a week and swap dinners. They keep one of their own and then swap the other six for different meals. One day of cooking, one week of food. It probably saves money too. Instead of buying seven meal's worth of ingredients, just buy one meal's worth in bulk.


C said...

That's a good idea. We could do a meal swap with mom, at least then have a couple meals. Or we each do two casseroles or something, then at least you have meals for half the week and leftovers for the other half...or of course Burger King.

On a side note, Ron wants to have the mashed potates tonight with our egg bake. I told him that wasn't appropriate.

Chrince said...

I think Mom would like that. Actually, I think Dad would like that even more. We should suggest it to her.

Only brutes and the classless eat mashed potatoes with their egg bake.