Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Emperor's New Table

I've been thinking a lot lately about our "next" home and what I want to look for in it. Five bedrooms for all of our kids, a mudroom, a green kitchen (the color not the buzzword). What the eff am I doing? We just bought a house in March 2008 and last time I checked we didn't have any kids. I think we as a society in general spend way too much time wanting for the future and not enough time loving what we have.

That being said, let's talk about all this stuff I want.

Yay, consumerism!!!

I love our house but I'm still working on loving what we put in it. The inside of our house is very nice but we're not great decorators so the style of it is still striking me as bland. Since my husband is gone and I'm not allowed to watch Planet Earth without him, I occupied an embarrassing amount of time last night updating my little living room want/have board and searching for new crap to waste our hard earned money on. Blame it on the new CB2 catalog. There is some goooood stuff in there.

Here's what we're working with. We have about half of this stuff. The rug, blue chair and orange lamp are off CB2. That lamp is as good as bought. The rug is beautiful in the catalog. The picture below doesn't do it justice.

I've decided to expand the funkification into the dining room now too. Partly because it makes sense (the rooms run together) and partly because I bought that awesome birch wood hanging lamp before realizing that the living room isn't wired for it. So, I made the executive decision that it's going over the dining room table. And that means that I need to head over to Velocity Art and Design and buy a bunch of crap for the dining room too now. And this too I would imagine. $350 isn't too much for an invisible table, is it?

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