Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ice. Whatever.

So much for date night. We got iced-in tonight. We were planning on eating a nice dinner at home and then going out to a movie. I've been dying to see Benjamin Button and we got a gift card to a movie theater for Christmas... Since this was Matt's first weekend off from shows in the last month, and we had a free pass to the movies, I was making him take me out on a date whether or not he wanted to see the movie. But that bitch, Mother Nature, had other plans for us. We got hit with an ice storm and had to stay home.

So, instead of date night at the movies, we ate a nice dinner of spaghetti and then Matt watched football and I had myself a SATC mini marathon. Eric came over (since he was without power due to the ice) and he hooked us up. Literally. He bought us a Time Capsule for the Mac and some Apple TV thing that turns your TV into a computer though the Time Capsule's wifi. They were wedding/Christmas presents. He works at Apple so we essentially got a professional install. Now not only do we have lotsa wifi action all over the house, but I now officially have a backup system for my computer. My hard drive corrupted about a year ago and I didn't learn my lesson about backing up. I'm in the clear now!

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