Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane.

I feel a little bit out of it today. All the Starbucks in the world couldn't make me alert at this point. My morning has gone something like this:

3:00am - Matt's alarm goes off
4:15am - Matt's ride to the airport is honking in the driveway, dog is barking
5:30am - Matt calls looking for his iPod which is missing
6:45am - My alarm goes off

Obviously, Matt left this morning. He went to South Bend, Indiana. (AKA, home of the Fighting Irish.) He will be there until Monday. Then he'll be home until Thursday, and then he goes back for two more weeks.

His day hasn't started out much better. His iPod got swiped at the airport security checkpoint. His brother knows the pain of having your beloved iPod (along with $20,000 worth of musical equipment) stolen so he offered to replace it when they get to Indiana. Cat pointed out the fact that some punk kid is going to be disappointed when he turns it on and sees that he just scored 60G of Beatles music. I think there might be some jazz on their too if he's lucky. I think there's a way to track a stolen iPod when it's synced to a computer... but you have to install software on it before it's stolen. I think we're a little late for that.

Today is a day of lost sleep, lost iPods, and MIA husbands. Can't it be 5:00 yet?

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