Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mentally Spending More Money

I was looking at some Jonathan Adler home crap and I came across this really nice bedding. I'm not interested in the bedding though, just the bed in the picture.

I am very much in love with it. It's a little on the "welcome to my sleeping chambers" side but it's still very pretty. I have owned a queen size mattress for nearly five years and never got around to making a proper bed out of it. For three years I just ignored the fact that I was sleeping on a mattress set on the floor. At least I lived in a loft so it looked a little "bohemian" instead of just "hard up for cash." When I moved in with Matt I upgraded and went from sleeping on mattresses on the floor to sleeping on mattresses on top of a $35 metal frame. Score!

Since this bed is being used in Jonathan Adler's catalog shots, I'm going to assume that it's beyond my affordability range. So even if I knew where to find this, there's no chance of me ever buying it. I can always count on Target though for offering cheap alternatives to all of life's pricey problems.

Our bedroom walls are powder blue on three sides and chocolate brown on the fourth. We have a smattering of blue, brown, polka dot and striped bedding. None of it actually matches but it all coordinates. Much like this headboard. I think it's a tacky enough and funky enough to sort of blend in.

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