Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I am freakishly addicted to Target. Their stuff is great and affordable... downright cheap sometimes. As a result, I suspect a lot of their products were probably made in Indonesia by eight year old children but hey, let's all look the other way, shall we?

I went to the new Target a few minutes from my house, which is in a less than awesome part of town and thus doesn't get a lot of traffic. They had clearance galore over there! I bought a couple throw pillows, a huge glass jar, a lamp, two Christmas presents, lots of picture frames, a clock, running clothes, and a few pieces of the Richard Chai, Go International collection. Grand total was like $100 for all of that.

Thank you Target.


kelly said...

Oh, yeah. I love me some Target too. My college roommate and I used to wander around "Tar-jay" for hours on end.

It's less fun now that Bill and I go together -- it's all "Stick to the list!" "But, but, honey ... what's that over there...?" "The list, Kelly!"

The upside is that we spend a lot less money there now, I gotta say.

Chrince said...

YES! Matt is the exact same way! He hates going to Target with me. I like to wander down the back of the aisles where all the clearance stuff is and it annoys him.