Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Murals and Templates

I spent last night drawing on Cat's walls and trying repeatedly to print on some stickers.

First, the walls. I'm doing a mural in her nursery for the new baby. I'm a little terrified of this task. I've never done anything like this before and I'm afraid it's going to look like crap. Also, there is a LOT of space to cover. (It's cool though, Cat. No worries.) I'm obviously on a deadline since she can't stay pregnant for the rest of eternity, so I gotta get cracking on this. The theme is trains. The mural is going to be about 18 inches high and wrap around all four walls at the top. One wall is a city, one is a countryside, one is mountains and the last is a lake or something. There will be trains running through every scene. Sounds easy enough, right? No, I don't think so either.

Then, the stickers. I got some ink jet labels to cover up the crazy printer's logo on the cards I got. I figured I'd whip up a little sticker design, print off a sheet and bam. Done. Didn't work like that though. The template I downloaded for the labels doesn't print correctly. Everything is off. I tried six different times and never got the designs and the paper to line up. What's up with that? I thought the template was a... well, a template? I can screw things up on my own, I don't need a template to help me do that. I'm fairly confident in my home printing abilities though, so I'm not taking the blame for the jacked printing attempts. (Although it probably is my fault.)

Although, out of my failure to print a tiny sticker correctly, I got an idea. I'm thinking about forgetting the whole sticker idea and ordering a new batch of cards from a different printer. That's got to save me several hours of more frustration. Then, I can save the first batch for Christmas and give them out in little baskets of homemade goodies. Some cards, peanut brittle, an ornament. Cute idea or no? I think it's a pretty good one. I always struggle to think of good gifts to give to friends. Last year we gave out bottles of wine and tins of cookies. I'd like to come up with something new this year. Although who's going to complain about another year of wine and cookies?

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kelly said...

Ha! You made me laugh several times with this one!

You're right: the train does *not* sound easy.

"I can screw things up on my own, I don't need a template to help me do that." Hee hee. Love that.

Aaand... when you said you gave wine and cookies last year, I thought, "Hey, sounds like a great gift!" You're right: who's going to complain about wine and cookies?