Sunday, October 5, 2008

Halloween Spirit

Well, the most important thing on my list got done already this weekend, putting out some Halloween decorations.

It loses some of it's scariness with the perky little flag peaking out the back.

I want to go get some more decorations, but I want to get the cheap stuff in case it gets vandalized. And the best place for the cheap stuff is Wal-Mart. I have to bring myself to go there though. I hate Wal-Mart. However, I did one time have a old lady come up to me in a Wal-Mart and tell me that I was "cute as a button." That never happens at Target...

Now I'm definitely in the Halloween spirit. I got some stuff out, Matt and I went and saw Shelter Skelter at the Shelterbelt. Shelter Skelter is an annual Halloween themed production of one-acts. Our friend Chris E. was performing in two of them. It got me excited to watch scary movies and get dressed up. I have a great costume planned for this year. Maybe the best costume ever known to man. I'm willing to stand by that.

We also made plans with Chris to go to haunted houses in a couple of weeks. It's funny that I love haunted houses and scary movies so much, but I am terrified to watch Ghost Hunters and TAPS. Those shows genuinely scare me. We watched one a while ago, then in the middle of the night one of the frames we'd just hung fell off the wall in the office. I was terrified. I made Matt search the entire house. Ghosts are scary and I'm about 90% sure that they're real. When house buying, I viewed a house that I swear was haunted. The house just felt bad, ominous from the moment we walked in. The realtor felt it too. We went up to the second level (a converted attic) and it felt like I had an elephant sitting on my chest. It was hard to breath and I had a bad feeling in my stomach. I kept thinking over and over, "Something bad happened up here." The realtor tried opening a door to a bedroom and there was a huge bang and the door wouldn't open. Then she says, "I here someone on the other side of the door," and she turns around to me and screams at me to run. And we both ran the fuck out of that house. I was so scared I was crying.

I listen to my gut and my gut was telling me something wasn't right in that house. That's the first time I've ever experienced something like that, but Matt has lived in a couple of houses that were haunted. The house he grew up in in Florida is haunted. Him and his brothers all saw things and people in the house. His uncle and his family live there now and they've all seen people in the house too, as recently as a few months ago.

We will not be staying there when we visit Florida.

Does anyone else have ghost stories?

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C said...

I was driving home one night from a boyfriend's house. I was on Military and came up on the intersection of State street. I was flying through there, as I was 17 and thought I knew everything there was to know about driving. I got up to the intersection and blinked and was stopped. In my car at the time, an old Corvair with no power breaks, I would have had to stand on it to stop in a short amount of time. When I looked, there was this old man in a car parked right in front of me, I could see his dome light, but his passenger side door was ripped off. He just looked up at me (and kind of gave me that look like "slow the eff down you damn kid") and then pulled off. Well I looked over and the car was gone, never saw it drive away, it just drove off the intersection and vanished. Obviously from then on I drove reeeeal slowly home. good thin too, because around this next curve (you know military out past 132nd Street) there was the largest deer I had ever seen laying right smack dab in the middle of the road. Had I flown through there at 50 (or more) miles an hour I'd have hit that thing square on, or rolled my car trying to avoid it. that ghost, spirit, angel, whatever you want to call it I can reasonably say saved my life. The scary part about the whole thing, was that the spirit came to me at the same intersection that a dear friend's son died at a couple years before in a car accident. Haven't told many people that before...