Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Owl Scarf Part Deux

I worked on Tam's owl scarf last night and I was so happy with it this morning I wanted to share it, even though it isn't done yet. Pardon the camera phone picture. I wanted a photo as I was running out the door and this was all I had time for.

I really like this one! I'm sad to see it go. The color combination she picked out is great. It looks so retro! I might have to consider making one of these for myself one day... I also have an idea for a woven fleece scarf, all sewn together with pretty stitches.

I went to the fabric store yesterday and discovered something incredible: remnant tables. Fleece remnants are $1.99 a yard! They're the perfect sizes for what I need. The lady at the store was so happy to see me cleaning the table off. Now I just have to find a cheap place to get grommets. Those things are kinda expensive but I really like using them. I did find someone on ebay who was selling 500 for $68 but that seems like a little more than I need at this point.

I'm loving working with felt. It's easy and adorable and if I mess up I'm out a whole 20 cents. Miss Violinjello said it best on her blog yesterday:

"As a medium, I adore felt. It's so versatile, kiddy and kitsch, but can be dressed up to look so beautiful too."

So very true.

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