Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday. Too bad you're not Friday.

Something cool happened today. Elisabeth of the Pink Owl Scarf asked me today if I wanted to make a bunch of scarves for a small retail space for handmade/rockin goods. Who's going to say no to that? Not this girl.

So that's on the agenda. Also, my 21 day process notecards have already shipped. Bastards. I knew the rush charges were a scam. I ordered some awesome bright yellow envelopes for them so hopefully I can put those in the store soon so I can become a millionaire, $1.99 at a time.

Moses Prey had a rehearsal at the house tonight. I'm thinking it might be worth the money to invest in some sound proofing for the basement. Lots of folks came over so I played Hostess for the night and provided lots of snack food - including the best chocolate chip cookies I've ever made. Unfortunately, I'm now suffering post pig-out. I swear I will never break a bone even when I'm 90 because of all the Tums I consume. Horrible, awful acid problems? Yes. Broken hip? No.

Oh yeah, and our wedding photos are done and online but the login code they gave me doesn't work so I still can't see them.


Don't forget to see this on Saturday if you're not busy:

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