Monday, October 6, 2008

Room to Work On My Double Axel

Sunday afternoon was spent doing some hardcore cleaning around the house. Matt even got in on it! We vacuumed everything, mopped everything, dusted everything. Matt also cleaned out his half of the closet and moved a lot of his stuff over to the closet in the spare bedroom. Now my dresses and shoes have room to breathe! I want to get one of those fancy California Closet systems. It can't cost that much since the closet is only about ten cubic feet...

We also did something completely unheard of and foreign to most people: We got rid of the TV in the living room! I know! GASP! What will we point all of our furniture at now?! It seemed kind of weird at first. I'd say that approximately 80% of my time at home is spent on the living room couch watching TV. But then I realized how pitiful that sort of is and I was more than happy to see it go.

So, we got rid of the entertainment cabinet and turned the living room around. I think one of Matt's favorite hobbies is rearranging furniture. He has a nice sense of flow. He should get a job as a feng shui master.



And FYI: I have some awesome curtains for that window, they just haven't make it up yet.

It opens the living room up into the dining room and makes the room look twice as big. Now, when we have people over, guests sitting on the couch can see and talk to guests sitting in the dining room! Great huh? Plus, now we can slide down the hall and into the living room in our socks with a much less chance of slamming into the couch. Yes, we do that. Sock skating in your own living room is one of the great things about being a home owner.


kelly said...

Nice work!

Now, my question for you... do you have a TV in another room, or did you get rid of it altogether?

Chrince said...

We do have a TV in another room. I could never give it up altogether. I don't have the willpower for that.