Friday, October 17, 2008

Easy Cheesy

I borrowed a cheesy potato soup recipe from the Duersken family for dinner last night. It was goooood. I recommend it to anyone who likes potatoes and cheese and soup.

I changed their recipe around a little to suit my tastes. I for one cannot stand American cheese unless its hidden on a burger, so I swapped it out for an 8oz block of cheddar. I get that American cheese is kid friendly so that's the way go to when you're feeding the youngens, but I'm only serving it to adults in my house. I also used a pouch of bacon bits instead of cooking bacon because it's much, much easier. And the pouch kind doesn't make my house smell like bacon for a week. I just went ahead and threw that right in. Also, I skipped the salt which was a good call because it was pretty salty without it. (Probably because of the bacon and cheddar.)

Easy. Cheesy. Yummy.

I also got most of a scarf done last night that I'm making for a friend. She really liked the groomsmen's scarves and asked me to make one for her. I'll post it tonight!

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