Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fly the Friendly Skies

I'm in a surprisingly good mood at the moment! I bought tickets to Las Vegas for Matt and I back on October 1st. I checked back at Southwest today to see if the prices have dropped, and sure enough, they have! I was livid! The prices for the exact same flights went down $62 for the pair of tickets! They are super-saver fares so they aren't refundable. I called their customer service number anyways and kept my cool with the customer service lady. Guess what? They couldn't give me a refund, but I now have a $62 voucher for my next flight. Not bad! Southwest isn't the most luxurious airline to fly on, but boy is it cheap. And you still get free peanuts and don't have to pay to check bags.

We flew Northwest for our trip to California and I will never again fly with them. It's $15 to check your first bag, $25 for the second! God help you if your bag weighs over 50 pounds. That will be an extra $50. When we checked in for our flight home, we didn't get seats next to each other. The kiosk told me that we would have to pay an extra $25 to switch seats, even though there was an empty seat next to each of us. We checked in and then had to haggle with the lady at the terminal counter to switch. It was ridiculous. The airline switched our flights so many times in the weeks leading up to the trip that we had a five hour layover in Minneapolis. We ended up paying $25 each to switch our tickets to an earlier flight that was nearly empty. Why couldn't they have given us that flight in the first place since they'd already switched it four times? It didn't make sense. The service was terrible and they gouge passengers with crazy fees every time they ask for something.

Airlines need to learn that good customer service and reasonable policies are always appreciated, just like any other business. Also, people need to learn that some times all you have to do is call and ask politely.

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kelly said...

Oh, yeah. I call them "Northworst." I *hate* that airline. Unfortunately, they have the only direct flight from here to Detroit, so we're doomed to fly them often.

If you don't sign up for their frequent flier program (I refuse -- all of the miles we earn when we fly them are put towards a partner's program), you have to jump through all kinds of hoops to check in online.

Also, your seating assignment experience is par for the course with them -- routinely, we have no idea where we are sitting until we get to the airport and they are total JERKS about seating people together or working with you.


Sorry to hijack your comments here with my rant. All this to say: I agree with you. Northwest sucks. ;)

Glad you got that voucher on Southwest. Flying them feels like riding a bus, but yes, at least they're cheap. And usually friendly.