Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Things I'm Excited About Today

01. Oscar Watch! - It's here! The time of year when all the good stuff comes out. The Oscar ceremony in itself is boring and anticlimactic for the most part. It's the tidal wave of great movies being released that I love. Critical reviews are also really strong this time of year, so it's usually pretty easy to narrow down the really great movies worth seeing in the theaters. There's nothing I hate more than paying $10 to see a bad movie. On my list so far:

Flash Of Genius
• Rachel Getting Married
• The Wrestler
• Appaloosa

And although they likely aren't going to be Oscar favorites, I also really want to see Religulous and Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist.

02. Junking! - Junking is basically antiquing for crappy stuff. You go around looking for crap you can fix up, then you haggle on the price and tell everyone later on what a great deal you got. (After it's all fixed up and pretty of course.) Nebraska photographer, Becky Novacek, is a marvelous junker. Just look at her house! Check out all that great stuff she's got!

03. Project Runway! - It's down to the last four on Project Runway and it's getting intense. The preview for tonight's show featured everyone crying. I love it. People crying on reality TV is wildly entertaining. Jeff and I are going to gather tonight to watch it together just like the good old days. (FYI! Be careful if you go over to the shows page on Bravo's website. They have spoiler pics up of the runway show from fashion week. MY EYES! OH MY EYES! I saw something I should not have over there...)

04. Feta's! - Going there for lunch. I plan on gorging myself with hummus and pita bread.

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