Friday, October 10, 2008

A new me. A new me on paper anyways...

Well, it's official...

According to my social security status and driver's license, I'm now Mrs. McG.

Gone is the old me, in her place is this new lady who is the proud owner of a maiden name and a pile of paperwork. I still need to change my name with payroll, my utilities, the college, credit cards, mortgage.

I got my new social security card this week and I went this afternoon and got my new driver's license. My last license was issued right before my 21st birthday and I look like a child in it. A child that just rolled out of bed and went to the DMV. I got harassed big time with that ID. Not any more though. This ID adequately projects "adult." Bonus for it actually being a good picture! After ten years of bad IDs I think I deserve it. The girl working the camera booth is a real artist. I'm hiring her for family portraits.


kelly said...

It's good that you sound so chipper about this... I'm dreading the process myself, so your cheerfulness makes me feel better. :)

Also, my current driver's license *is* a good picture. I hope I don't have to take a new one when I change my name!

Chrince said...

Getting a new DL license and social security card was easy. Changing my name at the bank was more work. But I think that's a good thing.

I talked to my sister about changing it on credit cards and various accounts and she said it's alarming how easy it is. You just call and tell them to change it and they do without questioning it.