Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Flight Price Went Down Again!

Geez! Gas prices drop and all of a sudden airlines follow suit. I checked in on our flight again and prices dropped another $36. I now have a $98 credit with Southwest. I plan on putting it to use when I go to Chicago in January. Matt's going to be in South Bend for a few weeks so we're going to rendezvous in Chicago for a couple of days. January isn't exactly an ideal time to visit a city situated on a Great Lake. (Chilly winds anybody?) But the post-Christmas shopping will probably keep me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Chicago is awesome and a lot of fun with tons of things to do. But my favorite thing to see every time I visit are the belugas. Yup. Whales. Unfortunately, Matt and I won't be able to see them when we're there. The habitat is being remodeled and the belugas are elsewhere. You can't imagine how incredible these things are. In the old exhibit, the top of their tank was accessible to visitors and completely open. There was a little plexiglass wall about chest high to keep people from falling in the water, but otherwise there's nothing between you and them. You can look them right in the eye. And they look at you right back. They're as interested in you as you are in them. They watch and stare and it makes me wonder what they're thinking about.

I found a good picture of it here on LilySea's Blog.

My second and third favorite things about Chicago are Portillos and Pot Belly's, respectively. Then there's the Art Institute. Actually, maybe the Art Institute ranks higher than Pot Belly's... Then that leaves "never having to drive anywhere" for the number five slot.

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