Saturday, October 18, 2008

Owl Scarf

A friend saw the groomsmen scarves that I made for the wedding and asked me to make her one. I was more than happy to do so! I finished it up and decided that now is as good of time as any to open an etsy store. So, I did. We'll see how it goes.

I thought it would be cute to give him a little button eye.

I embroidered her initial into the heart. It only took me... Oh... 25 minutes to do that.


Col said...

Could you post your etsy link, plesae? Those scarves are cuuute. Thanks.

Chrince said...

Sure! It's

MissViolonjello said...

Oh, that's gorgeous! Best of luck, my lovely.. you are very creative!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE my scarf! It is SO beautiful and soft and warm! You are amazing! Thank you SO much!