Thursday, October 23, 2008

Europe 2009, Maybe?

I emailed a travel agent today for a rough price estimate for a trip to EUROPE! How exciting is that? She's probably going to tell me that it's twice our budget and that I'm out of my mind, but until that time comes I am going to be excited.

We want to spend two or three nights each in Berlin, Amsterdam, London and France. And if that doesn't break the bank we want to throw in a couple nights in Ireland. Why not, right? If we're going as far as London we might as well toss Ireland in there too. Matt has been to England and Ireland before, but he missed Liverpool (a sin for such a Beatles lover) so we have to make sure we go there as well.

We can do all that for $5K, can't we? I really have no idea how much these things cost.

We'd really like to take this trip in 2009, maybe as early as March. We're not afraid of a little cold and rain. Everyone around me is popping out babies and I'm starting to think about babies of my own... It's very strange. My plan was always to take a long trip to Europe with Matt prior to having kids, and I'm afraid that all this exposure to preggos is going to cause my baby center to override my efforts to prevent getting knocked up. And going to EU and not being able to drink Guinness and wine isn't exactly a trip I want to take.

Although, waiting a couple of years to travel overseas might not be a bad idea either since 99% of the world hates Americans right now.


C said...

Do it before. You'll never leave your kids to spend two weeks in Europe after you have them. I know that sounds lame, but you just. have. to. trust. me. Baby fever. It's weirdly and unexplicably contagious.

Chrince said...

Baby fever is gross. I don't like it. I actually rationalized having a baby NOW yesterday with Matt. That is not something I would do under normal circumstances. But I'm infected. What better way to un-infect myself than with a trip across the globe away from all of your lovely babies?

kelly said...

I agree with C -- do it before you have kids!

As for 99% of the world hating Americans right now, the good news is: They don't really hate the *people* of the US as much as they hate our government. There's not a lot of animosity out there when you start meeting people face-to-face.

And if you're really worried about it, slap the Canadian flag on your bag and say "eh?" a lot. ;)