Monday, October 27, 2008

It's sort of like the TV show, but not funny or entertaining.

I try to avoid complaining on this thing... But Mondays. Oh dear lord. The horror of Mondays. The alarm/daily-reminder-that-I'm-wasting-my-life-in-an-office went off today and I wanted to just call in and say that I would not be in today. Or ever.

I should have followed through with that. Today has made me firmly believe that Sharepoint and CSS are the works of the devil, and that by actually attempting to accomplish something today, I've out-worked 85% of the other employees here.

I am going to leave this evening, run some errands, scoop the sweatpants up off the laundry pile and booze with wine. Then maybe, just maybe, I will either not loathe life tomorrow and manage another day at the office -or- I might lose my shit, grab Buddah and the pop-tarts off my desk, and peace out permanently.

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