Monday, October 20, 2008

Crafty McCrafterson

I have a million ideas in my head right now. I've had a massive creative burst the last few days and I'm mentally trying to keep track of everything I want to make.

01. I ordered some little greeting cards with a really cute photo on them that I took in San Francisco. (The heart truck on the bridge.) I want to line the envelopes with heart paper and turn them into little love notes. I opted for cheapo shipping on my order so they should be here in 21 working days. (WHAT!?!) How can printing take that long? I cry foul! They're just trying to jack up rush costs to make more money since their printing fees are so low. I'm not biting.

02. I found my two boxes of yarn and knitting needles. There's lots of pretty colors and fluffy, soft yarns in there. Perhaps I shall put them to use? They've only been sitting around for the last 4-6 years. Bout time I did something with them. The last time I used any of it was to make a scarf for my ex-boyfriend's sister when she was a senior in high school. I believe she has since graduated from Creighton, it's been that long.

03. Gift tags! The holidays are coming up. I'm a big fan of pretty wrapping and tags. This year I'm going old school and using butcher paper to wrap everything. It's kind of charming in an understated sort of way. And it's cheap. You can buy a 1000 foot roll for $40. (But why would you? That's a lot of paper.) The best way to snazz up boring paper is with a nice tag. I want to sew some trees and various Christmas crap on paper tags. Super cute!

04. I had an idea for some cute little coin purses. I don't know if my sewing skills are up to par for it though. It involves sewing in a circle. Humm. Might take some practice.

05. I'm obsessed with screen printing right now. I might pick up a couple cheap little kits from Dick Blick.

06. At some point between now and January 15th I have to paint a mural in my soon-to-be nephew's nursery. That can't take more than 50 or 80 hours for me to finish so it shouldn't be a problem...

07. Make a couple more owl scarves because they appear to be kind of a hit.

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