Saturday, October 11, 2008

Little Road Trip

I'm excited to get to go see Matt today! I haven't seen him since Wednesday morning. Not fun. I'm driving to Des Moines later this morning. There's a great site, that gives you a projected fuel cost based on the make/model of your car and the average gas prices in the cities you're leaving from and driving to.

Here's mine for today:

The only good thing about driving my old Saturn is the gas milage. In city I get 30 mpg, and on the highway I can get up to 40. I haven't driven it on a trip in a few years so I'm interested to see how it does. I got my car the summer after I graduated high school. It has 118,000 miles on it, but I'm reluctant to trade it in. First off, I haven't had a car payment in four years. That is definitely something I don't miss. And secondly, I haven't had a car payment in four years. That's really enough to make me want to delay buying a new one.

My dad talked my mom into letting him get a new car. Can you say "Hemi?"

I have to go finish getting ready to leave. Somehow, I'm not getting much done while sitting at the computer with my coffee and blogs. I did put away my camera to take it and realized that I left the battery charger for it in San Francisco. DOH!

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